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Security for the router and Wi-Fi is very important and this is necessary to setup security as soon as possible. There are different networking devices use different IP address which are also called default IP address. Those IP addresses are default and setup in the device. You need to enable security for Wi-Fi and for the router from the router control center. Find out the default IP address, username and password. Using those login detail, you can login to the router control area and use all facilities of security for the router. There are different ways to secure the Wi-Fi connection and it depends on the devices. Some devices come with modern features for Wi-Fi securities. However, you can learn all of those features from the manual and you can know about security configuration. The IP address is also used to connect with other devices via IP address. Since different routers use different IP address, you need to know the IP address of the device. Read manual for looking for the IP address, username and password.
Some models of Linksys and Cisco routers use IP address. This IP address is and it is a default IP address for those routers. The private IP address can be accessed in the same network and it is very easy to operate. The default IP address has many different ways to use. However, for the Wi-Fi security or the admin wireless security, it is necessary to login to the router by the users and admin. Internal security is more important than the external. As all of the routers do not offer the external security features for Wi-Fi. You need to use all of the security features for Wi-Fi. Otherwise, your Wi-Fi connection will be theft and it is also possible to be hacked your computer. You should take action for all of the risk.
External security for router is not much important. Since it is a device and it remains in your home or office until intruders can touch it. if intruders want to change settings of the router and then he needs use default settings. If you want to secure the router, then you need to change the default username and password. If you think that there is no person can access your router for changing setting, then you do not need to change the username and password and you do need to think of router security. You do not need to change the default IP address for setup router security.
If you like to enable admin Wireless security for Wi-Fi network for the router of brands Airport, Linksys and Cisco model, then you have to login the router control center. You have to use the default IP address for accessing the router. You need to use username and password which are setup as default for those routers. Use a browser and put the IP address on the address field. Now hit on the Entre button from the keyboard. Now a login screen will appear and there you will see a form of username and password. You have to fill up the form of username and password, then again hit on the enter button from keyboard. Now you will be logged in. Read the manual and use all of the steps for securing Wi-Fi connection.
You can change the default IP address and you can do this from the control center of the router. You need to find the IP address from the area and change the IP address. It is suggested to change the default IP address when the IP confliction error occurs. Now change the username and password, save the setting. Now your router is completely secured. Now it is hard to take entry to the router physically. You should give importance of Wi-Fi security. Because the security for Wi-Fi is highly important. If Wi-Fi connection remains insecure, then your internet can be accessed by Wi-Fi by other people. If they can use internet of yours then you have to pay extra bill. This could be a serious issue. If you want avoid extra bill, then you need to enable Wi-Fi security and it is very important.
There are verities of ways to enable admin wireless security. But, that is why, you have to login router and you already know how to login there. Now find out the security option from your router control center. Now permit WAP2 and WEP encrypted security system for your Wi-Fi. Now those options are available in all of the routers and networking devices. You need to enable the security features which are available in your router control center. Now this is very difficult to hack the Wi-Fi connection. You have to create a hard password for your Wi-Fi network. Do not use any common password for your Wi-Fi. You should use a hard password for Wi-Fi. The password should be at least 11 digits long and the password should be combination of capital and small letters. For the Wi-Fi password, you can apply symbol which makes the hard password. Do not apply credit card number or any pass code in the Wi-Fi. You should be careful for the Wi-Fi security and you should not use anything very serious.
Alteration is necessary for the default SSID network name. If you change the default SSID network name, then it is one process of Wi-Fi security. Type an uncommon name in the SSID network. Do not use family members name in the SSID network name. Enable MAC filter option. It helps you to permit and ban MAC ID from the device. You can block some devices. You need to limit routers’ IP address pool and disable DHCP server of your router. Those ensure the secured Wi-Fi connection and you must enjoy Wi-Fi security.
Some offer external and many modern security features for Wi-Fi. If your device supports all of the features, you need to enable those. That is why, you should read the manual of the router and you will understand how to use those features and secure the connection of Wi-Fi. Do not keep the router near the window or door. If you do so, then the range will go beyond of your area. if you use any extender for the router then you should keep the extender away from the window and door too. However, do not use the common SSID network name and share the password in public. If you do, then your connection is easy to hack and someone may attempt to access your network. You have to be careful.